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We Connect - organizations with design services and products

We Create - healing environments

We Advocate - for improved design for community benefit

We Inspire - people to participate in life activities through design 

We Uplift - by reducing stress, anxiety and depression

We Serve - the most vulnerable members of society

Giving Design works to create healing environments by making preliminary design services and products available to spaces that provide a community benefit, or improved health and medical services. We do this by partnering with businesses, skilled volunteers and other nonprofits to connect design beneficiaries with the professionals, products and labor they need.


Preliminary design greatly increases the likelihood that a project will be successfully completed. It provides nonprofits, resource-challenged organizations and other design beneficiaries with powerful tools to advance their projects.



Alvin Lee

Darling McVicar

Peter Mitsakos

Debby + Tony Montero

Felice Peres

Carol Rehwald

Stephen Smith

John Starr

Nancy Jacobs

Carole White

John "Jack" Wilson

Susan Zale


Greg Aliberti


Julius Costescu

Jason Fiore

Ray Fitzpatrick

Yllania Francis

Susan Ghirardelli

Gary Goldberg

Elaine Gordon

Patricia Grotlisch

Ed Halebian

Christine Hardin

Joseph Hardin

Theresa Kennedy

Giving Design

We are passionate about designing spaces that positively impact the health and well-being of the people that they serve.

Email: info@givingdesign.org

Phone: 310-558-5503

Registered 501(c)(3) Charity: CT0253934

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